Compliance - Need to Know Information & Help to Comply with Federal Requirements

Compliance News & Information

Compliance Challenge: Monthly Newsletter on the latest compliance issues.

Monthly Compliance Articles from Credit Union Magazine

Compliance Resources for Members

COBWEB: CUNA’s e-mail listserve for discussion of compliance issues

Compliance Discussion Group on CUNA Councils Connect

e-Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations: Includes “What’s New in Compliance” The e-Guide is an electronic compliance resource free to members. CUNA monitors regulatory changes on a daily basis, and updates the e-Guide so it reflects the most current information available. What’s New in Compliance provides a first look at the latest developments in regulatory compliance for credit unions.

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance Guide: a comprehensive tool to assist credit unions in their quest to comply with the BSA.

Legal and Regulatory Directory: Provides an overview of the many federal laws and regulations with which credit unions must comply both as financial institutions and as employers.

CUNA’s Main Page on Regulatory Compliance


Compliance Education & Training

Compliance Webinars


Regulatory Compliance Schools

Regulatory Training & Certification Program

Certified Compliance Specialist


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